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Welcome to Racin' to Eternity!  This is the home of the Christian Cowboy Collection or the Christian Barrel Racer's Newsletter (CBRN.)  All of the articles from January 2008 to now have been included in a monthly issue of The "Fast" Horse Resource Magazine.  We hope you take some time and read this month's version as well as looking back through the archives.  There are some great messages included in them.

My name is Christa Conway and I have been writing devotions (mostly revolving around my life with horses) since January of 2004.  If you'll go back and read the very first issue, it will give you my story and explain to you how I came about this calling.

I would like to give the glory to God for the messages.  They are all from Him in one way or another.  I cannot take the credit except to say that he supplies the fish....we just have to dig up the worms and go fishing.  I feel that this has been my "calling" and I hope that the messages are a blessing to anyone who reads them.

I am blessed to live on our horse farm/ranch in Muncie, Indiana with my husband of 25 years, Vick, and our two children Garrett & Grace.

You can also find past issue in "Notes" on my facebook page .

Happy Trails & God Bless!

2004 - Volume I
Christian Barrel Racers Newsletter
Racin' to Eternity

Merry Christmas!
Yes, you read it right. Does it bother you to see it written like that? It does me. So many people don’t see the harm in the “shorthand” version of CHRISTMAS. If you look closely at it when we write it that way, we’ve taken Christ out of Christmas.

Setting Goals & Reaching A Destination
Most people, especially barrel racers have goals. We want to make it into the 1st division, the top five in our division or win a buckle or saddle. And to some of us our goal is just getting to the next show.

This Little Light of Mine
Remember that song from Sunday school? “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

Let Me Introduce You to My Friend
His name is Jesus. Most of us barrel racers know people from all walks of life, thanks to this sport. We can usually call one of our “horsey friends” and get new tires, our hair cut or even legal advice.

Hang On!
Have you ever been sitting on a horse one second and the next second that horse is trying to put you on the ground?

Count Your Blessings
We all get so caught up in the day-to-day goings on, that we tend to take for granted the things that God blesses us with everyday.

$6.00 (Listen to that Voice)
I have a story to tell you about how God can use us in the simplest ways. To us, at the time we get the sense that we need to do something, it may seem silly or trivial.

A Different Look at Psalm 23
I received this in an e-mail and thought it was a pretty interesting take on the 23rd Psalm.  See what you think.

Easter Sunday is April 11 (Includes "Pickin' Stalls)
I’ve tried to include stories, poems and other items related to the true reason we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, in this months newsletter.

God Loves Them As Much As He Loves Me
I have caught myself so many times screaming out in “road rage” at “that idiot” that pulled out in front of me. It’s usually while I’m driving with the horse-trailer in tow.

Great Response
I have had such a positive response to this newsletter! It looks like I have found my niche, as someone told me this past week.

What's This I am Reading?
I have been trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing in my spare time while I am at home with my two kids, two dogs and barn full of horses. ”Wait a minute…what spare time?” you may ask.