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Red Horse Business Resources
A division of The Horse Resource - Red Horse Business Resources offers many design options and services to assist you with promoting your business.

What can we do for you?
Graphic Design
Perfect for events, mailings and personal distribution
Website Design and Maintenance
Give your active and potential clients a place to get to know you and
your business. Include as much or as little information as you want,
prices vary depending on content.

Advertisements (Print and Digital files)
Professional print and/or digital quality ads designed to meet specifications required by media outlets
Start Up
Start Up Fees
Start Up design                                   $1500 base price
Includes:  6 pages with same basic design format.
Page size equals 1000 pixels x 2000 pixels
Additional pages are $150 each (building from same design)

Maintenance Option 1
Monthly Site Hosting Fees            $20 per month
Updates                                                   $50 per update/hour
Updates provided on an “as needed” basis.  We charge by the hour with a minimum charge of $50 for each update session.
We recommend weekly or monthly updates to lump multiple updates together.
Updates can be scheduled to fit your business needs, as often as needed.

Maintenance Option 2
Flat Fee
Includes Monthly Hosting            Contact Us for Price
Maintenence fit to your unique website needs. We'll custom build a plan for you that can include daily, weekly or monthly updates. We'll work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Additional Fees
Additional Fees May Apply
Domain name registration
If you do not currently have a domain name, we’ll obtain one for you.
Rates vary, contact us for more information.

Storefronts/Merchant Type website
These require a bit more in-depth start up, as well as the need to purchase  “storefront” account (approximate $200 per year in addition to hosting fees.)  
Call for more information.

*One organization representative is requested to be the sole contact for obtaining any information and content for website.
Business Cards
Professional and affordable extension of your business
Brochures, Catalogs & Price Sheets
Items you need to keep on hand for distribution to active and potential clients
Logo Creation
Identify your brand with a personalized logo
Many options - from one basic logo to variations in color and design
It's all up to you!
Newsletter Options
Newsletters are a great way to keep members of your organization up to date on business. Whether you want print, digital or both, we can take care of you!
Printed Newsletters:
All newsletters are printed on 70# enamel paper in full 4/color
Standard Page Size: 8.25” x 10.75” (Other options available)

Included in price
  • Design/Set Up for all pages
  • Printing, Fold/Staple
  • Addressed (addresses provided by customer)
  • Delivered to Post Office Included in prices below

Price will vary based on page count and quantity.

Price will vary based on page count and quantity.
All newsletters will be mailed First Class US mail unless otherwise requested.
Check out these sites:

Digital Newsletters:
Keep in touch via email using digital newsletters.
Price will vary based on email content, frequency and design set up.
Price includes set up and design.
Digital newsletters will be sent via Mail Chimp to all email addresses provided by organization.

The Horse Resource has additional email addresses available for a small fee.
Social Media Management
Interact as often as you like with clients while reaching new clients!
Don't have time to update those social media accounts daily? Don't even have social media accounts? Let us handle it for you. Daily to weekly updates based on your package.

Start Up
Create social media accounts as requested           $50 per hour
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • others upon request

Social Media Option 1
Individual            $50 per update/hour
Updates provided on an as requested basis.  
Updates charged by the hour with a minimum charge of $50 for each individual update. (Includes banner creation.)

Social Media Option 2
Daily Updates                Contact Us for pricing
Multiple updates provided on a daily basis.  
Posts and shares updated throughout each day.
All shares and posts are directly from organization or from pre-approved sources.

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